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  1. To get immediate reopen Babri Maszid for Muslim. Hindu never commit such crime in history to destroy Maszid and build Ram Mandir.  We have to obey Baba Ka Updesh and save India and Rest of World from Religious Virus.
  2. 1008 Inter-caste marriage without Dowry in First Phase - thereafter every marriage should be Inter-caste and  without Dowry.  
  3. Provide free attendant to old age people at their residence / hospital for medical assistance by Sai Brigade  / Sai Sewak.  
  4. Distribution of Jap Pustika and Sai Katha in Jail for self improvement of prisoners.  
  5. 6th November-Sankalp Diwas Celebration (Worldwide).  
  7.  Cost  to Cost Technical Education to all.  
  8. Maintenance Assistance to Old Sai Temple and construction of New Sai Temples worldwide.  
  9. Sai Katha and Sai Rasoi in every Sai Temple


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