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   First Shirdi Yatra organised  and 81 peoples (A group of ladies, gents & childrens) Visited Shirdi on 17th June 2010 a Palki was taken in Shirdi on 18th June. Around 1000 Devotee join Palki. After that Shani Shigna pur Darshan and other temple of Shridi Visited by this Group.

   A Sanklap was taken by Sri R.C. Saxena (Founder President) of Shri Shirdi Sai Sadan Sai village (Alpha - II) Greater Noida that 18 PALKI and group Darshan will be organized by him and life long every year group will visit Shridi for Darshan on Nominal charging of Rs. 1500/- per person including Train fare Hotel stay lunch Dinner & Breakfast etc.


Shridi Yatra 





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