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Since last 36 years I am deeply involved in Sai Simaran / Darshan and Pooja. By profession I am Foreign Trade Consultant since 1991 having 1800 big fleet of clients and providing them satisfactorily services from R. C. Saxena & Co., New Delhi. 

A Foreign Trade Education Centre (Associate Member - ITPO, Govt. of India) providing short terms Diploma in Foreign Trades run by R. C. Saxena & Co. and successfully trained 500 student to their professional course and free of cost placement for every students.

Lastly in year 2002, Baba given me an opportunity to set-up small Sai temple in Greater Noida. A Shiv Shakti Mandir Trust got Registered and a small plot of 547 sq. mtrs. taken from Authority and Mandir Trust has also been paid all amount to the Authority and started Temple Construction work. But suddenly started lot of pressure by neighboring Hospital who wants to not making Baba Temple and they also want this land to use for their own. A FIR has been lodged against me and Trust Member and also construction work has been stopped by Force by Greater Noida Development Authority to the pressure by the Hospital.

Since Baba always behind us, we started construction work in night and finally Shri Shivji, Shri Hanumanji, Ma Jagdambe, Shri Shani Dev and lastly dream temple of Shri Shridi Sai Baba has been completed and devotee has been started pooja, archana since 6th November, 2008. On every Thursday Palki, Bhajan, Sai Katha, Bhandara and Aarti in Shridi Sai Sadan, Alpha-II, Greater Noida is continuing in this temple by the grace of Baba.

A Sankalp of 1 crore jap pustika (world record) and 1008 Murti & Aarti Book to devotee has taken by me and I am on way to my Sankalp path. Join Sai Brigade and take a Sankalp of marriage without Dowry work under Last - Knock and take blessing of Sai Baba. Other Sai devotee can also join this organisation as Sai Sewak. 

You will be enrolled as "Sai Servant" and in future you will be work as Executive Trustee of Last - Knock in your city.

All Sai Servant will work in their city to fulfill 9 objects of Last - Knock as per Aadesh of Baba and Help community and save India and Rest of World from religious virus. 

All Sai Brigade member List will be display on Website.
Mail your consent (Sankalp) to join Last - Knock at our


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